Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tis the season to be jolly

Confession...I have a track record for being super-competitive on things that don't matter.  This blog is one of them.  As I peruse friends' blogs, I'm endlessly looking for ways to make my blog funnier, more interesting, stickier.  After opening up Christmas gifts this morning, I read through Facebook status updates and the blogs that I follow.  This blog post is a shameless copying of my friend David's recent blog post on things he's looking forward to when he returns to the States and then returns to his overseas home.

Things to look forward to in Texas
  • Matinee movies with Dad - This is one of our favorite father-daughter traditions.  Yesterday, we went to see Little Fockers.  So fun and so funny!
  • Max's Wine Dive - This was my hangout spot in Houston.  It all started when Lis and I went there for brunch one weekend.  Max's is known for their Southern comfort food and wine pairings.  The waiter Joseph was a little perturbed that I ordered an egg white omelette.  Fast forward...we became good friends with Joseph and Kate (the Great).  Eventually, me and my friends gained VIP status here, and it became the place I went to for every reason.  Birthdays, celebrations, time to unwind after a hard day at work.  I met up with my co-workers there the day after I returned to Houston.  We ended up having a 5 hour brunch!!
  • The Apple store in the Galleria - I've been having some issues with my MacBook.  It's 4.5 years old and needs some upgrading.  I need some help from the Genius Bar.
  • Festivus - This comes from that hilarious Seinfeld episode where the cast celebrates a non-commercial holiday.  It's also a party my high school frends throw every year around Christmas time.  We make references to the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strengths.  But really, it's a reason for old friends to gather when we're all back home for Christmas.  Festivus for the rest of us!
  • Driving - Oh, how I miss it.  I enjoy driving because I am "in control" and can listen to music or NPR.  I am in no way a "good driver" and am the target of many bad driver jokes amongst friends.  Whatever.  Driving is like riding a never forget.  Now that I'm in Canyon, I can drive my Honda (aka Bailey).  In October, someone ran into my Bailey at church (sad day), but Dad fixed it up.  She's as good as new!
  • Time - School keeps me quite busy.  I look forward to having more free time without commitments.  I plan on spending a good bit of time reading.  Started a great book called Shantaram the other day.  I also have neglected the stack of Economists and FT's on my nightstand.   
  • Baking - Anything and everything!  Brownies, Hullabaloo cake, haystacks, jalapeno cornbread.  YUM!
Things to look forward to in London
  • New stories and adventures
  • Borough Market
  • Classes (I know, I'm a geek)
  • Running in Regent's Park
  • Catching up with classmate friends!
  • Research - I volunteered to help an LBS professor research and write papers.  I'm super-excited about this!
Over the time I've been overseas, alot has happened back home.  Here are a few shoutouts to folks:
Lis - CONGRATS on finishing your second marathon.  Attagirl!  Rockstar...
Andrea - I'm so happy you're pursuing a PhD!  To add to your undergrad, MD, and MPH degrees!  We will just have to call you Doctor Doctor Cruz now... :)
Marcus and Morgan - CONGRATS on getting engaged!
Jamie - Glad you're headed to Duke next year!  Just remember to scout out basketball tickets for me :)
Will, James, and Andrew - CONGRATS on your recent promotions.  Whoop!

And finally, here's an article that one of my friends forwarded me called "Tribal Workers".   Well worth a read.