Thursday, November 8, 2012

La Petite Américaine

My sweet friend Katherine recently launched her own sweet treat catering company called La Petite Americaine.   I met her originally through the Junior League of London and have had a chance to not only taste her delicious cakes but hear her story.

Katherine is no ordinary baker.  She takes classic and vintage recipes and puts her twist to them.  And, she's got the passion to back up her talent.  I remember sampling one of her cakes that had a jam filling.  Normally, I avoid cakes that have jam in them, but boy howdy, she made me a believer.  I don't remember the exact details, but Katherine provided a copious description of the ingredients she used and why she used them the way she did to make the cake moist.

One of my recent favorite quotes comes from one of my business school professors and goes something like "Great things happen when ordinary people become irrationally obsessed with something."  Katherine has put her heart and soul into her business with attention to the smallest of details.

If you're in London and find yourself needing to cater desserts for a party or event or just want to treat yourself, please check out La Petite Americaine.  Katherine will take good care of you. :)