Saturday, October 9, 2010


My FAVORITE month is finally here!!  October!  I'm partial to it because October 2 is my birthday.  Last Friday my flatmates and I had 15 or so friends and partners over to our place for a potluck and games.  It was loads of fun.  It reminded me of fun times at Casa Willow Pond in College Station when Holly and I would have people over.  Our smallish flat in London has a largish living room, and so it was great to entertain and have a night of fellowship and laughter.  My sweet flatmates even surprised me at midnight with a birthday cake.  YAY!   I celebrate birthmonth instead of a birthday...which means I get to shop, eat, drink, and celebrate as much as I please :).

On Saturday, I had brunch at a place called Med Kitchen with a few of my female classmates.  Brunch was one of my favorite pasttimes in Texas.  Weekend brunch hasn't quite caught on with the Brits, but there are a few places (like Med Kitchen) that do it.  When David and Lis were in London, we went to a place called the Breakfast Club.  Ying found this great Soho spot.  Portions are huge but service kind of helter skelter. 

Speaking of parties...our awesome Stream B social reps organized an AMAZING flat crawl for our stream.  We had several members of our stream that live close to the school open up their homes to us.  It was the first ever flat crawl in LBS history and defiinitely a fun night.  One memorable activity was playing that game that many Americans love - flip cup!  D'arcy, James, Emily, Nina and I played together as a team.  We were six-time undefeated champions that night!  Whoop!  Here are a few pics...

NB: Note the reddish non-contagious eye infection.  Gah!  A month of being sick in London stinks!

Me and Haroon

Me and Benjamin (Apparently this Frenchman thinks I smile very "American").

Me and Juancho (He made great guacamole for the party.  Reminded me of home.)

Maria, Valerie, Valerie's BF, and me
 Arunabh, me, and Joyce

I am very cognizant that my time in London is an opportunity of a lifetime...I want to make the most of it.  A great experience that I wouldn't have had otherwise was going to London Fashion Week.  I don't consider myself a fashionista, but going to a fashion week is so neat.  The shows are short, but SO exciting.  Will post more pictures of this soon once I get them from a friend.

The people watching environment at London Fashion Week is one of a kind!

I found out recently that I am the treasurer for the Women's Touch Rugby club.  I'm super excited about WTR this year.  One of the best decisions to join this club.  I love the fellowship with this amazing group of girls. 

We had our annual pub golf event with the men's team last night.  It was a night to never forget.  Basically it's a pub crawl.  You split up into co-ed teams and visit 9 bars.  At each bar, you drink a pint (girls drink half pints). Each place has a par value, and the goal is to drink the beer in as few sips as possible (some guys and girls even get perfect scores).  There were only a few water penalty exempt spots where you can go to the bathroom.  It was a fun night, and I got to meet some great people.  Tartare and Custard were our second year captains.  Guys had to wear a Hawaiian shirt while girls wore animal print attire. I loved Joyce's bear outfit.  I sported a cheap leopard-printed scarf that I found on the 50% off sale rack at H&M.

Pub golf team...

Girls celebrating at the Windsor afterwards...

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