Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random thoughts

Wordles = WOW
Check out the Wordle I created using the posts on my blog.  A small thumbnail is shown beneath my picture.  You can click on it, and it will take you to a large-screen view.  I'm going to update it periodically to see trends in what I write about.  You too can create your own Wordle using any block of text or website you choose.  It's super easy (even I did it).  Go to and select "Create your own".  30 seconds later, you'll have your own masterpiece.

Payal 4, Spiders 0
Clowns, fireworks, and insects. Y'all probably know that these are at the top of my list of things I HATE.  Yesterday we had an all day (12 hours) midterm for our Strategy class.  I had a drink with classmates afterwards at the Windsor then made it home to chill for the evening.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something scurry across my floor.  And then I found it...a GIANT spider that was about 2 inches.  I spent the next 10 minutes mustering up the courage to attack it and eventually did.  I don't know what it is about this country, but there are alot of spiders (and foxes), and they freak me out.   Thank goodness Binita and I worked on my bug killing ability before I moved out...haha!

Déjà vu
In London, I have a good group of friends.  And in Texas, I have another great group of friends.  And neither of those groups know each other.  Several of my classmates remind me of people back home.  For example, my study group classmate Pete is a combination of two of my best guy friends Clark and Cory.  Pete and I get along great, and it's nice to have a good buddy like him. 

In my Managerial Economics class last week, I made another connection.  We were discussing game theory, and my friend Louise got called up to the board to work out a problem as "punishment" for being late to class.  Louise is an amazingly accomplished Singaporean girl who has quite the personality and brings up good points in class discussions.  Louise (a girl who is about my size) got up to the board and was about to write when the majority of the class started yelling "No No No!" at her because she was about to write on the projector screen that is situated behind giant rolling white boards.  She then said, "Well then, I can't do this example" because she thought she wasn't tall enough to reach.  Our professor Joao then moved the board, and she realized what had happened.  It's a hard story to tell, so the humor of the situation is probably lost in this telling.  But, trust me, it was hilarious when it happened.

The situation reminded me a lot of another hilarious situation in college involving my sweet dear friend Preeti (who I dedicate this blog post to).  Preeti and I were at a party at Cat's house in College Station.  Cat had a coffee table with glass inserts, and one of them was missing.  Preeti was about to place her glass of soda on it when the entire room started yelling "No No No!" at her because it would have fallen and created a huge mess.  Preeti didn't realize the glass insert was missing and said, "Oops, OK.  I'll use a coaster".  As she picked a coaster up and dropped it through the table on to the carpet, she realized the mistake.  Again, this is a story in which you had to be there to truly appreciate how funny it was. 

Back to Managerial Economics...Louise's story reminded me of Preeti's story.  And then I realized how similar Louise and Preeti are.  I truly am blessed to have such wonderful friends on both sides of the pond!  I only hope that one day, somehow my two networks will become one network.

Blast from the past photo with Preeti, Cat, and Nathan

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