Saturday, March 12, 2011

Party Like It's the End of the World

This blog post title is a nod to Jay Sean's catchy "2012" tune.

I haven't blogged in a while because of two reasons.  1) I've been trying to line up some internships for the summer.  2) I've been partying like it's the end of the world.  Whether those two are compensatory or re-inforcing is up for debate :)

Don't know where I'll end up this summer.  The recruiting cycle in Europe is much later than the cycle for US schools.  Instead of applying for everything, I'm only chasing a few things that I would be committed to.  I've got some good leads...and after spending a good bit of time freaking out and comparing myself to others, I've resolved to call this a God thing.  My college roommate Holly (a beautful girl, inside and out) used to say that "Comparison is the thief of joy."  It's a pretty sticky quote with a golden nugget of truth.  

While I'm waiting for my purpose, I've been traveling and partying like it's the end of the world.   Instead of stories, here are some pictures to prove it :)

Rugby tour vs. Cranfied => Burns Night Dinner

Rugby match vs. Cranfield.  My liking of the game was severely tested with the frigid weather.

Stream B Ladies Dinner => Hosted by me and Dolan at a neat Indian place called Masala Zone.  Yummy street food!

Belgium Beer & Fashion trek in February.  Brussels is beautiful and reminds me a lot of Paris. J'adore Brussels, Leuven, Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruge!

My first English tea experience with Ying at Le Meridien Picadilly.  So fun!

Through a Groupon, one of my friends from college and I tried an AMAZING Persian restaurant in central London.  Rebecca is a foodie and good at finding these gems!

My sweet dear former co-worker Alyssa came to London for a weekend getaway.   Except for the time I got her and Luke lost on our way to St. Paul's, it was good to get out of student mode and explore the city.

North America Club booth setup for Tattoo 2011.  Tattoo was a top 3 LBS experience so far.  I had heard it was an unforgettable evening, but all my expectations were blown away.  At the NA Club booth, we had a hog roast and a mechanical bull.  Clearly outstanding!

Besties at Tattoo 2011.  LOVE these two.  Greg (aka Gregorio) is in my Spanish class, a fellow Sundowners crew member, and a fellow co-president of the Volunteers Club.  Emily is a sweetheart who is my go to wine-o-clock girlfriend.  We both have a slightly unhealthy obsession with TED...haha!

Crazy wig costume at Cologne Karneval. 

Cologne Karneval trip March 2011.  Pictured here with host Phillip.  LOVE sitting next to him in class this quarter :)

Cologne March 2011.  Group photo in front of the Cathedral.   The scale of this building is just unbelievable.

Study group B2's booth at the DEO tradeshow. 

Sweet photo in Bonn

Stream B Ladies Dinner => Mexican night at Taqueria hosted by the fabulous Ms. Emily

My first Bulgarian drink with Todor.  Not a fan of whatever it was (similar to grappa, raki, and ouzo...yuck!).

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