Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ode to rugby

Women's touch rugby.  These three words have been a big part of my first year MBA experience.  While I do enjoy the game, I really LOVE my teammates.  Many (but not all) are in my stream, and I'm blessed to count them as some of my best friends here at London Business School.  Because of my involvement in many activities on campus and my role as a Student Ambassador, I get to interact quite a bit with prospective students.  One question they ask is:  Who should go to business school?  The answers are endless including people wanting to make a career switch, entrepreneurs, people wanting to advance their career, etc.  After a year in, I would specifically call out "high achieving women".   At London Business School, I'm always impressed with the profile and caliber of students recruited.  I've noticed though that relatively, the women at LBS tend to impress me even more than the men (which is already a high bar).   Whether they exhibit excellence in all that they do, beat the odds to hold distinguished positions in their companies, or overcome repressive female policies and norms in their home countries, I'm continually amazed.   And being on a rugby team with these girls is not only fun but also motivating.  A few highlights of the year...

Toga party + Elvia/Tanya's birthday celebration at MBAT...

A subset of the best women's touch rugby committee ever...

Rugby 7's tournament at Twickenham.  Amazing to see the NZ All Blacks and SA Springboks play...

Silly group photo at Twickenham.  Pei pointed out the interesting placement of my arm...

Best co-president ever...Joyce is a rockstar and don't know what I would do without a good friend like her

My favorite Singaporean, Louise.  She's a joy to be around and is a renaissance woman of sorts.

Ex-Pat Anniversary
This weekend was Admits Weekend for London Business School, and I remember my non-stop flight from Houston to London a year ago.  As my first year in London comes to a close, I have a very special "thank you" to everyone who has sent me emails, letters, care packages, and even come to visit.  So...to Reese, David, Lis, Bo, Tuan, Britt, Alyssa, Luke, Levi, Cory, Mike, Harrison, Daniel, Sarah A., Sarah M., mom, dad, and Binita, thanks for coming to London!

Dad & me in Bath

A recent Borough Market outing with Daniel and the Sarahs

Texans reunited in London @ Sundowners

J'adore Paris with Lis

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