Saturday, January 7, 2012

MAXimum Fun

The holidays are always spent in Texas.  Always.

I spent a few days in Houston this December.  And what trip to H-town wouldn't be complete without going to Max's Wine Dive?  Things (people) change but also stay the same.  Here are some photos from the night taken with my new 35 mm prime lens (f/1.8) for my Nikon D5000.  This lens was recommended to me by three different friends plus Ken Rockwell's  website...totally worth it! 

Blast from the past.  LOVED seeing Menges (Laura) and Zappy (Holly)

 Me with the McMasters...can't wait for them to come back to London.  It's their turn :)

Reese and me reminiscing upon ex-pat life and Speed Scrabble

And, finally, being in Texas means that I can watch TV shows on demand with big HD TV's commonly found in homes.  My sister recommended the new TV show called Once Upon a Time to Me.  I disregarded it at the beginning because I thought it was insane to have a show about fairy tales.  Then, I learned the writers of LOST wrote this series too.  You can definitely tell because Once Upon a Time is all about the characters of the show and viewing their past to see how they became the way they are.  Watch in on Sunday nights!  Though I did watch ~8 episodes via Hulu on the TV.  It was a great 5 hours!

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