Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ode to Beets

My friend Reese recently reminded me that my blog has gone into hibernation recently.  As my LBS friends would say...heinous!

As I've grown older, my palate has changed.  I used to hate asparagus, dark chocolate, arugula, and avacadoes.  Now, they're a few of my favorite things to eat.  Another mature flavor that I've only come to appreciate from moving to London is the humble beet.   My mom used to make them for my dad, and only my dad.  No one else would come near them...especially me because the blood red color freaked me out.  Beets are popular in the UK and show up on many menus.  Ordering a salad with beets at a group dinner is what hooked me to this vegetable.  I now have the below salad at least a couple of times a week.  Just a little arugula, goat cheese, chopped beets, and balsamic glaze.   And in this country, you can buy very good pre-cooked beets marinated subtly in malt vinegar to give a sweet and succulent punch.  I read a food critic's blog mentioning how antioxidant-rich beets have grown in popularity as chef's have increasingly paired them with goat cheese (and what doesn't taste good with goat cheese?!?)

For more beet-inspired recipes, here's a list of 100.

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