Monday, May 24, 2010

An "epic" month

May has flown by so fast! And, it's been a busy, busy month.

Last night was the LOST finale, and it was a fitting ending. SO GOOD!! I particularly liked it when Kate saved a bullet for black smoke monster in John Locke's body.  I am a LOST addict and feel that there are nuggets of wisdom that we can all apply to our daily lives. Over the past six seasons, here are my key takeaways:

1) When bad things happen, everyone deserves a chance to start over.
2) We're all connected some how. Not exactly in the "it's a small world" kind of way, but something deeper. We may never know how or why.
3) Our past really does impact us. Little things early on in life shape who we are and the way we behave.
4) You can't judge people based on first impressions. You may not "like" people truly if you knew the whole story.

I really liked how everyone came back to the church at the end before they "moved on." Jack's dad said something interesting when Jack asked why. He said that these people on the island were the most important people for him, and it made sense for them to come together again. He needed them as much as they needed him. I think about that alot lately. I've been to quite a few happy hours, parties, weddings, etc. this month. Each time I go, the thought in the back of my mind is that that gathering could be the last time I see so-and-so for a very long time. And that hurts, so I block that out, give quick goodbye hugs, and walk away. I was in Austin this weekend for an annual gathering of alot of people that mean alot to me. I hope that I've impacted them 1/10 as much as they've made an impact on me over the years.

I rarely go to Austin but have been twice this month.  The first time was for Russell and Becca's wedding.  It was such a charming, fun wedding at the Allan House (great wedding locale).  I was running SO late and had to park in handicapped parking so that I could make it right before Canon in D started playing.  Haha!  Becca was a beautiful.  And Big Russ was grinning from ear-to-ear the entire evening.  I can't wait till I see them again for a fierce game of Yahtzee :)
Because I've been busy most of this past year traveling and preparing for my next adventure, I hadn't seen or talked to many of the people at the wedding.  A couple of these childhood friends even live in Houston, but I've been MIA.  However, in June I plan on going to the driving range and brushing up on photography at the Houston Zoo with Jack Attack.  I will be assembling alot of furniture in the fall, so I should probably check out Don's new place and his newfound interest in carpentry.  Oh, and Vanessa and I are way overdue for finishing a bottle of wine one evening.

After Russ and Becca's wedding, I went to a dance party that my friend Steven threw. They seem to be regular events with a bunch of his friends, but this one was special because it was an "Epic" Columbus House Party. Words cannot describe how many people there were. Professional DJ, boom boom room, lots of beer and wine, red carpet, photographer, etc. It was SO much fun and a great venue to people watch. Several people had on entertaining costumes. When Steven throws a party, he throws party. So, his "epic" dance party is the inspiration for this "epic" May that I've had.