Thursday, August 16, 2012


I operate at a high level and even faster pace.  I always have and likely always will.  Knowing thyself, a recent pin on my fab Pinterest boards caught my eye.   

There's some truth in it.  Being "busy" for the sake of being "busy" merits little respect.  In my opinion, busyness in the pursuit of extraordinary results or impact on lives of others does.

And know what your limit is.  My tolerance is on the higher end.  A few months ago, I tuned into the first ever TEDxWallStreet and saw CNBC host Jim Cramer speak.   He is an example of the extreme.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a link to his TED talk (which was great!).  If you ever do get a chance, I highly recommend watching it.  I enjoy watching his show Mad Money every now and then and respect his platform stance of having individuals save, do their homework, and invest for their own future (since Social Security isn't going to be there for my generation likely).   Even though his routine is awe-inspiring, I know I could never do it.  Just watching his TED talk made me tired.  

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