Saturday, August 25, 2012

CrossFit Day 1

So, I decided to join CrossFit here in London to challenge myself recently.

What the heck is CrossFit?  It's a fitness craze from the US that is going global.  I had heard about it from my friend Holly in 2010 just as I was leaving Texas.  All my young friends were joining these gyms where you would go to a glorified warehouse to do a pre-determined intense strength and conditioning workout of the day (WOD).   The equipment isn't the fancy stuff you find in upscale gym clubs.  At CrossFit, you'll find free weights, bars, kettlebells, balls, rigs, rings, cables...the basics.  And, you'll find highly skilled trainers who keep you accountable and motivate you.  It's open to people of all fitness levels (because each exercise can be modified), but it is not for the faint of heart.

Through my friend Phil, I found out that CrossFit had opened in London.  There are only a handful of clubs right now.  The one closest to me (CrossFit Central London) has a huge waiting list and not the best customer service (they don't answer the phone or call you back).  And the woman I finally got ahold of was rude to me when I inquired how to get started and asked for a more affordable way to go through the fundamentals course (vs. the 180 GBP option she gave me!!).  So, I ventured a bit farther to CrossFit Evolving in Islington area.  I'm so happy I did.  The owner Scott was very welcoming when I called (he answered).  He said I could pop by the next day and get started right away. 

My fabulous trainer today was Mark.  AMAZING guy who teaches good form, is fun, and motivates you to complete the exercises to the best of your ability.   There were alot of squats and deadlifts today...quads and hamstrings will feel it tomorrow.  Can't wait for my next session!!

Overhead squats, 8/25/2012

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